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10 reasons to join : Meddeas

1. Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
Becoming a Language Assistant in a Spanish school is a unique experience that will stay with you for your entire life. During one academic year, you will enrol a structured training programme and cooperate with a Spanish school. Moreover, you will add an international experience and transferable skills to your CV while discovering a new culture and receiving a monthly grant; which is sufficient to afford life as a student in Spain.

2. It’s Much Better to Know what You’re Doing. Don’t You Think So?
Further your education. Depending on the programme you join, you will take a 20 ECTS or a 6 ECTS course related to foreign language teaching, delivered in English by a Spanish university. These courses will add value to your CV, complement your training, provide you with classroom management tips, and help you make the best of this experience.

3. Spain Alone? No, We are a Team
Support from professional and experienced staff. Under the “We Help you to Help Yourself” policy, we’ll provide you with the information needed to choose the right programme according to your profile and, in case you are accepted, to prepare your trip and stay in Spain. You will also have support from the school’s designated Tutor and from Meddeas throughout the academic year, if needed.

4. Spanish Cultural Heritage Around the Corner
Explore Spanish cultural heritage. Spain receives 63 million tourists every year thanks to its 42 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites (more than the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada all together!), not to mention its countless festivals and traditions, historical cities, beautiful shores, welcoming people and friendly culture. Take advantage of this opportunity and discover our unique culture and rich history while you are here!

5. To Share a Flat or to be Adopted by a Spanish Family?
There are two lodging options: full board accommodation with a host family or independently housing, depending on your own interests. A host family is the best option if you want to improve your Spanish language skills and to plunge into a new culture. Families in these programmes are linked to the school and chosen by its principal. In fact, they host the Language Assistant on a volunteer basis to experience a cultural and linguistic immersion.

6. Turn Spanish Tongue Twisters into a Child’s Play
Being in a Spanish speaking country, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to improve your language skills. We also work hand in hand with FEDELE to support language learning and improve participants’ Spanish level, in order to guarantee the quality of the courses for those interested in studying Spanish at these institutions. FEDELE is the Spanish Federation of Associations of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language and it consists of seven associations, which in turn comprise a total of 90 schools located in the main cities of Spain.

7. No Fees. Fair Deals!
You won’t have to pay any fees to enrol our programmes, although you’ll have to make a small security deposit that is given back at the end of the grant period. The purpose of the deposit is to ensure candidates are serious about the programme and committed to their role and their students, who develop a strong bond with assistants during the year.

8. Perfect Match (Point)
Flexibility and adaptability. Depending on your professional interests and academic background, we have different programmes suitable for you. We take into account your preferences regarding the kind of schools and students ages. In addition, we consider your personal skills in fields such as theatre, music, science and sports to match you with schools that teach English creatively through the aforementioned subjects. While we take great care in finding a placement that matches your profile, we cannot (and will not) guarantee that you will be placed in a specific location.

9. Safety isn’t Expensive It’s Priceless
Safe teaching and living environment. Spain has a unique, vibrant and welcoming culture. At the same time it is a Western European country with affordable living standards, in which personal security, political freedoms, sex equality and health system provision correspond to European levels. In addition to this environment, we know each and every school related to our programmes, with which we develop a personal and professional long term relationship, in order to ensure a good training context for you.

10. Let’s Do Some Homework for the World
We are a Socially Responsible Organization. In addition to a firm commitment to preserving the natural environment, we implement equality policies as a basis of our values and we donate 0.7% of our turnover to educational projects for disadvantaged children at risk of social exclusion, through a corporate sponsorship with the Profesionales Solidarios Foundation.

Fundación profesionales solidariosProfesionales Solidarios is an independent, non-denominational and non-political NGO. It promotes the integration of children and elderly people at risk of social exclusion in Spain, as well as social and educational development projects in underdeveloped countries.

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