Meddeas' TEFL Programmes in Spain: Different Options and Profiles

More and more schools in Spain are offering TEFL experiences to native or native-level English speakers not only to help their students with the pronunciation and language skills, but also to promote a real cultural immersion and knowledge of their countries. As a lingua franca, English is becoming essential to young students finishing school and going into the world of work and further study. Thus TEFL placements in Spain are more attractive and sought after than ever before.

When considering English teaching placements abroad, hundreds of qualified Irish and British teachers finally decide to come to Spain. Salaries in both public and private schools are set by the government. Other European countries might offer higher salaries, but due to Spain quality of life, unique culture, and cheaper cost of life compared to the UK or Ireland, this decision is worth it.

What English Teaching Experiences in Spain Does Meddeas Provide?

Testimonials: English Teaching Experiences in Spain with Meddeas

testimonial nick

“I hope to be a teacher one day. Although I was in a training role, I felt my task is no different to my peers. The Advanced programme provides first hand teaching experience that is hard to come by. It is an excellent opportunity.”



Nick H., recent graduate from Mary Immaculate College (Ireland)

testimonial nicole

“With heavy ambitions but a light wallet, I wanted to get experience and training to eventually become an ESL teacher. Meddeas offered a TEFL course with a Spanish university, a liveable grant, hands-on training in a school, and a chance for adventure. Through this ESL job I’ve learned so much in adjusting to English levels, behaviours, and above all making learning fun.”

Nicole D, recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University (US)

testimonial conor

“My experience with Meddeas enabled me to move on to university lecturing in Beijing. I know this position would have been incredibly difficult to achieve without the previous teaching job in Spain with Meddeas. Teaching mixed level students, as well as Cambridge exam preparation, really developed my CV.”


Conor D., recent graduate from Maynooth University (Ireland)

How is the Process to Apply for TEFL Experiences with Meddeas?

Meddeas carries out bilingual and native teachers’ selection processes for Kindergarten (2-5-year-olds), Primary (6-12-year-olds) and Secondary (13-18-year-olds) private and grant-maintained schools all over Spain. Candidates are encouraged to express a preference during the application process.

TEFL Experiences in Spain with Meddeas
for TEFL-Certified Candidates

For those recent university graduates with a TEFL qualification, Meddeas offers the Advanced Programme, which includes training and teaching practice as a language assistant. As it is a work experience, schools understand that participants may have very little teaching experience but they will expect initiative, commitment, and professionality.

It is a unique opportunity for TEFL graduates willing to experience English teaching experiences abroad, as they will have both a tutor to lead them through their studies and also a member of staff in the school designated to oversee their role in the classroom. Duties will range from offering additional support to the teacher, leading conversation practice and activities, and also giving further conversation practice with other teachers.

Recently qualified graduates from an English or Teaching degree would also make a great fit for the Advanced programme. They would gain more qualifications and expand their teaching horizons.

English Teaching Experiences in Spain
for Qualified Teachers

Meddeas can help qualified teachers find a TEFL internship in Spain, as it cooperates since 2011 with over 200 schools across the country. In the current setting, English teaching internships in Spain have increased.

Candidates looking for TEFL experiences as main teachers in Spain must meet these requirements:

  • To be an English native OR native-level speaker (C2).
  • To have a recognized Qualified Early Years, Primary or Secondary Teacher Status in an EU country or to be able to obtain it before the first teaching day.
  • To be an EU citizen or to have a valid EU working visa.
  • Previous teaching experience is valued, but not required.

Interested TEFL teachers who don't meet these requirements might be interested in Meddeas' Advanced programme instead.

Opportunities with Meddeas for Candidates without Teaching Qualifications

Candidates looking for a teaching internship in Spain who don’t have any official teaching qualifications still have possibilities with Meddeas' training programmes. To participate in the Graduate or Speakers the requirements are:

  • To be an English native OR native-level speaker (C2).
  • To be a recent graduate (degree obtained within the last four years) OR a last-year university student. Those who have just passed their Leaving Certificate can opt to do a placement in the Speakers programme.
  • Competence in the Spanish language is not required.
  • To enjoy working/volunteering with children and/or young people.
  • To be energetic and creative.

This is an amazing opportunity but it is also a challenging learning experience. It will require serious commitment from participants.

Benefits of a TEFL Internship in Spain or a Work Experience with Meddeas

One of Meddeas’ former participants in the Advanced programme, Harriet Sleath, has shortlisted here the benefits of a work experience (or an English teaching experience) in a Spanish school with Meddeas:



  • Gain valuable experience

    Nothing is better than gaining experience and training on the experience. Participants can only learn so much from their online training or their university degree. Meddeas puts them in an environment well suited to them and will provide support and guidance every step of the way.

  • Gain a qualification

    Meddeas is not an ordinary TEFL internships finder. Their programmes are not like any other opportunities that can be found while scrolling through Google. Not only do they offer experience teaching, but they provide participants with the opportunity to train as an English teacher and become better qualified. They complete a University certified teaching-related blended course that will help them perform their teaching tasks. This in turn will open up a world of English teaching experiences abroad. With the training that Meddeas provides, participants will be even better armed for teaching in other challenging environments. Many of them go on to teach in other countries around the world.

  • Be looked after

    Meddeas has one of the best support systems in Spain. Embarking on an English teaching placement in Spain can be daunting, but they will help participants get settled and offer assistance with their training programme. Participants in Meddeas’ placements are covered by the Spanish healthcare, have a tutor in their school, and get ongoing in-country support, initial training and participate in teaching workshops.

  • Help others achieve their goals

    Around 1.5 billion people in the world speak English – that’s approximately 20% of the Earth’s population. English is the most widely spoken language and the most commonly studied foreign language in the world. Spain is fast improving in terms of its English language teaching. Participants can help young people to make steps towards better opportunities in Spain and abroad. The satisfaction that comes from doing this is second to none.

  • Live in a beautiful country!

    Immersing in the Spanish way of life sounds almost too good to be true: food to die for, fiestas and festivals around the clock, a coastline so ridiculously beautiful, and an enticingly rich and colourful culture. What’s more, while placements in Spain do not have the highest salaries in the world, the cost of living is much cheaper.

  • Learn a language

    While English is the most widely spoken language, Spanish is second only to Chinese in terms of numbers of speakers with 400 million. With some simple Spanish at your fingertips you will be able to travel the world and learn more about the Spanish history and culture.

Other Options Offered by Meddeas to Teach in Spain suited to Diverse Profiles

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