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Meddeas offers yearlong positions to teach English in Spain. Participants join a structured training programme and teach 20 hours a week in one of the 200 private or state-funded private schools Meddeas works with. They receive a monthly pay, TEFL-related training (paid by the programme), and ongoing in-country support. 

Teaching in Spain with Meddeas is a unique opportunity for participants to gain international experience and add transferable skills to their CVs. At the same time, they will discover a new culture and language.

Highlights teaching English in Spain with Meddeas

  • Monthly grant: enough to live in Spain as a young professional
  • Lodging options: independent housing or full board accommodation with a volunteer host family
  • University course included (compulsory)
  • More than 200 schools all over Spain
  • No fees attached
  • Options for recent graduates, undergraduates from universities in Ireland, and school leavers
  • Spanish language skills are not required, nor previous teaching experience (but valued)

Main Facts

  • Programme
    Language Assistants in Private Schools
  • Duration
    Sept./Oct. to May./June or Jan. to May./June
  • Application Deadline
    ASAP. Limited placement availability from June onwards.
  • Monthly Pay
    €880-€1,162 per month (enough to live in Spain as a young professional)
  • Candidate’s Requirements
    – Advanced programme: BA in Education OR English OR any BA with a TEFL course
    – Graduate programme: any university degree
    – Speaker programme: any university degree OR university students
  • Highlights
    –Lodging options: independent housing or full board accommodation with a volunteer host family
    – University course included (compulsory)
    – More than 200 schools all over Spain

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Available Programmes and Requirements to Teach English in Spain with Meddeas

Our programmes are aimed at native-level English speakers from Ireland and other regions with little or no teaching experience, although experienced candidates are welcome to apply as well. To apply, candidates must have obtained the diplomas described below within the last four years. Depending on their degree subject and interests, candidates can apply for different programmes (taking into account that competence in the Spanish language is not required and no previous teaching experience is needed, but valued):

Available Programmes and Requirements to Teach English in Spain with Meddeas

English Programs
Meddeas also offer specific opportunities for university students of Ireland and Northern Ireland, check out as Meddeas' placements in Spain for more information.

The Role of Participants in Meddeas' Programmes

Language Assistant is a native-level speaker of English, who supports the school’s language teachers with conversation practice. The tasks differ from the ones in a teaching assistant role and include encouraging oral practice of the foreign language; explaining the culture of their home country, like Ireland; helping in other subjects such as scienceart, P.E.; acting as a role model for correct pronunciation and grammar; and collaborating with teaching staff in creating teaching materials and planning lessons.


This is an excellent opportunity, but at the same time, it is a challenging experience that will without a doubt get you out of your comfort zone. Teaching English in Spain with Meddeas will require serious commitment and involvement from participants. After the first few days at school, participants will be asked to use their own initiative, find resources and prepare their own engaging and fun activities or games.

(These roles of the Language Assistant may vary depending on the programme and the common practice in each region)

Meddeas' Language Assistants Testimonials

testimonial adam

“I've become a lot more patient, and I've also learned how I want to be treated by my peers, students, and people in general. Being a Language Assistant forces you to understand a subject first and gives you a lot of freedom to direct lessons, which is super exciting. I feel much more confident giving instructions now, although I can definitely improve. Lots learned and lots to learn. Moreover, I think the value of the TEFL will remain long after the course has finished, in that it will open doors that would have otherwise been closed.”

Adam D., recent graduate from Ulster University (Northern Ireland)

testimonial thais

“When I tell people I spent my past year teaching English in Spain, the reactions are always positive. Of course, it is an impressive feat to list on your CV. Employers understand the importance of life skills that can only be acquired from leaving the comforts of your hometown, not to mention your home country, in exchange for an adventure. Additionally, the independence and professionalism gained from teaching through a private agency as a representative of your country and language are remarkable.”

Thais M., recent graduate from Boston College (US)

testimonial thais

“I'm currently working as an Engineer for one of New Zealand's largest construction companies. Teaching English and Civil Engineering are obviously two completely different practices. However, there are attributes and skills I currently use daily that I can give credit to from my time teaching English in Spain. Skills such as time management, public speaking, organizational skills, leadership, adaptability, confidence, maturity, and the ability to engage with either co-workers or students.”

Josh V., recent graduate from Christchurch Polytechnic IT, (New Zealand)

Benefits of Teaching English in Spain with Meddeas’ Programmes

Meddeas offers participants support from professional and experienced staff during the challenging process of moving from Ireland to Spain and choosing a valuable training.

Professional interests and academic background, as well as preferences in terms of schools and student ages, will be taken into account during the demanding allocation process, which takes place in Meddeas after candidates are accepted.

After teaching English in Spain with Meddeas, participants will develop highly demanded skills, which are applicable to any potential career path back in Ireland or their home countries, such as public speaking, language skills, creativity, team working, topic preparation, patience, maturity, autonomy, and cultural awareness.

Benefits of Teaching English in Spain

  • Professional placement in a Spanish school, teaching 20 hours per week
  • Certified course given by a Spanish university, paid by the programme
  • Guaranteed monthly allowance, enough to live in Spain as a young professional
  • Spanish public health coverage
  • Help with the paperwork and opening a bank account
  • Training programme run by a serious and professional organization
  • Ongoing in-country support from the school’s tutor and from Meddeas
  • Initial training and teaching workshops
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the programme
  • Paid school holidays (except for the summer period)
  • No fees attached

Available Lodging Options with Meddeas Programmes


There are two lodging optionsfull board accommodation with a host family or independent housing, depending on candidates' interests. Former participants in Meddeas have given their points of view on the pros and cons of both options.

Families in these programmes are linked to the school and chosen by its principal. In fact, they host participants on a volunteer basis to experience a cultural and linguistic immersion.

testimonial orla

“Aside from teaching, a very important part of this programme is integrating into a new community and lifestyle. It's a great opportunity to learn about another culture, and to see your own culture and language through a new perspective. The highlight of Meddeas' programme for me has been learning about Spanish culture from my host family and participating in local customs. I've learned and experience so much with mine!”

Orla H., recent graduate from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

Why Choose to Teach in Spain vs. Other Countries?

From bustling cities to traditional villages, Spain is a developed country with an affordable cost of living that offers an amazing variety of lifestyles. It receives more than 75 million visitors every year thanks to its 42 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, not to mention its countless festivals and traditions, historical cities, beautiful shores, welcoming people and friendly culture.

At the same time, it is a Western European country with affordable living standards, and cost of living lower than in Ireland. Personal security, political freedoms, gender equality, and health system provision in Spain are at European level too.

Once participants start teaching English in Spain, they will have a lot of opportunities to improve their Spanish, a language spoken by 450 million people in the world. However, it will be up to them to look for and take advantage of those opportunities. Not only school students can benefit from the language exchange. It is very common to arrange conversation exchanges with school teachers, but participants must bear in mind that they are supposed to speak English at all times in school.

“I would advise anyone to teach English in Spain. It offers beautiful food, compassionate and kind people, paradisiac weather and so much culture and travel. The year I completed in Spain will go down as one of the best and there is not much I would have changed about it. Where I was just so far away from Ireland and Irish culture, that everywhere I looked, I could just see Spanish influences.”

Caimin B., recent graduate from Dublin City University (Ireland)

Other Options Offered by Meddeas to Teach in Spain suited to Diverse Profiles

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