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Teach English with Meddeas: What is Next?

As my time with Meddeas this year ends, I found myself considering my options for next year. I have gained …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager4 July, 2019

Thinking about What to Do After College? Lessons Learnt Teaching in a Foreign Country

As a recent graduate, I was overwhelmed every time I clicked onto a job board to research what to do …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager2 May, 2018

Life After Meddeas: Now I Have a TEFL Certification and a Fantastic Experience

Harriet, a recent graduate from the UK, was a language assistant with Meddeas during the academic year 2015/16. This past …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager3 July, 2017

Life After Meddeas: One of the Best Decisions I Have Made

1 . Why did you take the step of coming to teach in Spain with Meddeas? My decision to teach …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager23 August, 2016

Life After Meddeas: Teaching in Spain Gave Me a Fresh View on Life

1. Why did you decide to teach English in Spain with Meddeas? The thought of teaching in Spain had occupied my …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager13 October, 2015

Life After Meddeas: I Now Feel Part of Two Cultures

1. Why did you come to teach English abroad with Meddeas? I was looking to undertake the next step in my teaching …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager25 August, 2015

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