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Cost of living

Costs of Living in Spain: How I afford Spain on My Grant

As someone who is living in the small northern city of Burgos, affording to live here on my grant has …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager12 February, 2019

Tips to Find Accommodation in Spain for One Academic Year

Finding accommodation in Spain and in any new country can be daunting: It is one of the most important things …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager30 November, 2018

Cost of Living in Spain: Housing, Travel, and Food

One of the biggest worries when moving to a new country is how far your money will go. Will you …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager20 February, 2018

Low Cost Travel: Top Tips to Travel Spain on a Budget

There’s no point pretending that we are in the English teaching profession solely for the task itself. Why? Because the joys of sampling …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager28 June, 2017

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