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Meddeas' International Placement
for University Students
in Spanish Schools

Meddeas offers professional placements in Spain to university students. It has a personal approach with both schools and participants and works with over 200 schools all over Spain. This is an enriching opportunity to do an international teaching placement in a private school whilst completing a course with a Spanish University. It is perfect for Irish university students who are looking to do an international placement year (or period) while having the chance to improve their Spanish or communication skills, enjoy Spanish culture, and immerse themselves in the Spanish way of life. These paid placements take place all over Spain. Managers know each and every participating school personally. We work hard to provide immediate responses in any situation.

Participants will join a structured international job placement managed by Meddeas that was awarded as International Partner in 2018 by Ulster University (Northern Ireland). 

Main Facts

  • Programme
    Placements for University Students in Spanish Schools
  • Duration and Deadline to Apply
    5-Month Placements
    Length: mid-Jan. to mid-June
    Deadline: apply before Nov. 1st

    9-Month Placements
    Length: Sept./Oct. to May/June
    Deadline: apply before March 15th

  • Monthly Pay
    – Living with a host family (accommodation expenses covered): up to €486
    – Living independently (limited number of placements): up to €936
    – Access to Erasmus + funds (depending on the university)
  • Candidate’s Requirements
    – University students
    – Native-level English speaker
    – Spanish skills are not required
    – Placement coordinator’s contact
  • No Fees

Highlights: Meddeas' Placements in Spanish Schools


  • Work placement teaching English in a Spanish private school
  • 20-24 teaching hours of speaking activities per week to small groups of students
  • Completion of a teacher-training university course (paid by the programme)
  • Initial training and teaching workshops
  • Support from a school designated tutor and Meddeas staff
  • Monthly grant to live in Spain as a young professional – monthly amount depends of number of hours and living situation
  • Accommodation with a volunteer host family or living independently
  • Spanish public health coverage


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Basic information on data protection: Manager: Multilingual Education Development & Support SL. (which operates under the brand name MEDDEAS). Address: PC Galaria c/V nº3, 2ºD, 31191 Cordovilla (Spain) Telephone: + 34 948 983 539. Email: DPO: Tomas Dawid. At MEDDEAS, we process the information you provide us with in order to respond to the request made, manage blog subscriptions, and send the Newsletter. The data provided is retained for the duration of the relationship or during the required period in order to comply with legal obligations. Your data will be supplied to universities as well as MEDDEAS’ collaborators via international data transfers. You have the right to obtain confirmation of whether MEDDEAS is processing your personal information, and therefore the right to access your personal information, rectify inaccuracies, or request its deletion when this data is no longer necessary. More information can be found here.

International Placement Details: Types, Accommodation, Tasks with Meddeas

Meddeas offers students from Irish and other European universities looking for an international placement the opportunity to gain experience in Spain. No experience is needed and students from all degrees are welcome to apply. Participants of this Spain internship will gain valuable international experience, have the opportunity to learn Spanish, improve their CV, and fully immerse themselves in the Spanish culture.

testimonial thais

“For me, one of the main benefits of the international placement with Meddeas is that it allows you to gain experience in a real-setting /professional environment and also in a different cultural environment. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to do an online TEFL course with a Spanish university. I've learned many things from this internship. Firstly, I've learned how to work in a different cultural environment, as I've respected the school's values and customs. Secondly, I've learned the importance of establishing a relationship with your colleagues and students. Also, I've realised how important it is to plan and prepare each class while adapting your activities to the needs of the students.”

Ellen O.,  University of Limerick

Different Options to Participate in Meddeas' Placement Programmes

Universities now offer international job placements which can last from a few weeks to a year and can be all over the world. Making the decision about what to go for can be difficult and stressful. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect if you are considering an international internship with Meddeas.

Meddeas offers 3 types of work placement programmes in Spain (depending on the university's credit system). In any case, successful candidates will join a training course which is delivered in English and fully covered by Meddeas.

Different Options to Participate in Meddeas'
Different Options to Participate in Meddeas' Placement Programmes


(*) Deadlines may vary depending on your university's calendar
(**) For Irish and European citizens, applications are also accepted after this date (limited opportunities)

Accommodation Options with Meddeas' International Placement


There are two possible options for participants of Meddeas' job placements:

They can live independently or with a host family, which is selected by the assigned school’s principal. During the application process, candidates can express their preference (host families are not always available). Those who prefer independent accommodation receive a Welcome document that includes advice and flat hunting tips.

testimonial thais

Living with a host family was a great start to my life here in Spain, and gave me a chance to kind of fit in without having to do it all on my own. The support and advice given by Meddeas is fantastic; I always know that they will listen and advise me correctly. My school is fantastic and the people I was teaching with are great!”

Rebecca M., University of Glasgow, Scotland

Role of Students Participating in Meddeas' Placements in Spain

Participants’ role will vary depending on their school, but, importantly, they will never be without support. Participants will have ongoing in-country support through a tutor both in the university course and in their school, who will guide them and be there to assist in their day-to-day tasks. The university course is designed to help them perform their teaching tasks and improve as a TEFL teacher.

Although schools know and understand participants in Meddeas’ international placements have no or very little teaching experience, this is a professional work placement and they will be expected to show commitment, drive and involvement in both their teaching and university course.

Many students from universities in Ireland and the UK have already completed a placement in Spain with Meddeas. Their duties could consist on the following:

  • Additional support: any kind of activity delivered by the teacher and/or by the participant, while both are present in the classroom. The school will expect them to take the initiative and prepare their activities, not just teacher shadowing. Sometimes participants lead the conversation practice while the teacher simply helps with classroom discipline.
  • Conversation practice with small groups.
  • Conversation practice with other teachers: one-to-one or small group sessions.

Benefits of Teaching English in Spain

How to Get an International Internship with Meddeas


Meddeas placement programmes are flexible and open to students of all degrees in Ireland and the UK. Meddeas HR team will review a candidate's application and arrange a Skype interview. Should this initial interview be successful, applicants are invited to a face-to-face interview with a local delegate.

These meetings are essential to solve doubts, and assess the commitment and enthusiasm of prospective participants. During the application process, candidates find they can express preferences of types of schools, level and ages of students, accommodation, and kind of area in Spain. Specific location requests aren't considered though, as the allocation process is profile-based and not location-based. University lecturer's written recommendations are highly valued.

What are the Benefits of an International Placement for University Students?

Employers value candidates who count with an international job placement in their CVs.
It shows they are independent, open-minded, and mindful of other cultures. It can also mean that they have another language on their list of skills, which is even more beneficial; and Spanish is the third most studied language in the world.

According to UUKi's Gone International: Mobility Works and Research by the European Commission, students who did an international placement are:

  • 9% more likely to achieve a 1st or 2:1 at graduation
  • 24% less likely to be unemployed
  • 9% more likely to be in a graduate job six months after graduation
  • Have a 5% higher wage after graduation
  • More likely to have managerial jobs 10 years after graduation
  • More likely to start their own company

Through Meddeas internships, participants obtain or improve important skills for their professional lives, such as intercultural skills, creativity, language skills, team working, public speaking, patience, maturity, and autonomy. Not only are there benefits to their CVs, but also a life experience! Participants learn about themselves and what they like professionally. They also learn about food, culture, history, people, and communication.







Other Options Offered by Meddeas to Teach in Spain suited to Diverse Profiles

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