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Finding a Place to Rest – My Spanish “Piso”

How to find accommodation in Spain and finding a place to rest is one of the first things you should do when becoming a Language Assistant in Spain with Meddeas.Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager22 October, 2020

The Best Ways to Learn Spanish

I began learning Spanish a year before I arrived in Spain. But for me, the language journey truly began when I heard the locals speaking Spanish, on my way to Barcelona. Here are the best ways to learn Spanish.Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager8 October, 2020

Daily Routines – The Key to Successful Learning

Daily routines are one of the most necessary and fundamental elements that any teacher or auxiliar can implement in their classroom.Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager24 September, 2020

Teaching Abroad with No Experience: How to Hit the Ground Running!

Here are some useful tips for English teachers that start teaching abroad and that have no experience.Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager10 September, 2020

The Two Secret Ingredients: Perseverance and Patience

Starting a new life in Spain can be overwhelming and difficult. Perseverance and patience are key in order to settle down abroad.Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager27 August, 2020

Culture Shock: Living Abroad can be an Exhilarating Experience

Being a Language Assistant in Spain means that you can experience a culture shock. Spanish culture might be quite different from yours. Here are some thoughts to overcome it.Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager13 August, 2020

Top Ten Tips for Being an Effective Language Assistant

Choose the Right Placement It’s hard to be an effective Language Assistant if you’re not on the right placement. There …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager25 June, 2020

The Schooling System in Spain VS My Home Country (UK) System

The Structure of the Spanish School System The Spanish school system has four stages, two of which are mandatory: Nursery …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager11 June, 2020

My #Meddeas Experience- What a Rewarding Experience!

The Language Assistant Programs: My Meddeas Experience The Language Assistant program with Meddeas has been the most rewarding experience I …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager28 May, 2020

Find Accommodation in Spain as a Language Assistant

Be Prepared to Compromise and Negotiate Few things will prepare you for finding suitable accommodation in Spain at an affordable …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager15 May, 2020

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