Slán, Adiós, Au Revoir, Goodbye!

Before we get to the dreaded tears that are bound to occur whilst I write this, let’s talk about the good times that both Spain and my time abroad as a Language Assistant have brought in the past two months!

Language Assistant
Vida en el Campo in Spain

IRLANDAAAAAAAAAA….. I got to go home in April and it was so so good. I only had a short time and the vast majority was spent travelling, but it was beyond worth it. I was beginning to forget the many reasons I loved Ireland and I was blind to its beauty. I think the short but sweet stay was exactly what I needed to fall in love with the homeland all over again. Flying from Málaga, I took the opportunity to catch up with a fellow Irish cáilin (“chica”) the night before my flight, winning and dinning in style and bumping into a fellow Sevillana on route, a roof top bar with fenomenal views of Málaga served as the perfect start to the weekend. Arrived in Dublin only to miss the quickest bus to Limerickyay! Irish transport hasn’t changed in my four months of absence-. Two short hours to visit “todo el mundo” and enjoy a beautiful cup of tea “gracias a mi amigo” Tom (Why can’t Spain have tea like Barry’s or Lyons?). On the road again, back up to Dublin for some relaxation with all the ladies and our two coaches before a 2 degree Celsius Maynooth the following morning for the real love of my life FRISBEE! Ladies IV’s being a pretty serious tournament, we ended up with only seven players (boo) so we made it a fun tournament instead, yay! A day of laughter, song, frozen toes, snotty noses, frisbee and sausage rolls for breakfast lunch and dinner and it was another four hour bus to see the “familia”. As I got closer and closer to Mayo my excitement and seeing everyone was too much, the bus came to a stop and I was gone like the wind, running into the arms of my awaiting mother and little sister. What better way to start my twenty four hours in the homeland of Pollnagawna (don’t even try to pronounce it, you’ll fail) than a trip to the pub. Living out the Irish stereotypes with pleasure! A night of song and dance with 6/7 of the family plus an extra one or two, stories flowed, laughter was shared and love was evident throughout. Sunday provided a day of relaxation and visits to the neighbours and my beautiful Granny, plus quality time with my sister and Sadie (the dog). Aoife (“mi hermana”) taking full advantage of another Irish speaker for the day with the dreaded Leaving Cert Orals just around the corner (“Suerte, mi chica”).  My time in Ireland passed way to quickly, but in just a few shorts weeks I’ll be reunited with its beauty once again, an Irish summer of rain and wind. The excitement is killing me! (I’m not even being sarcastic, being as ginger and as pale as I am in Andalucía, is a crime).

Language Assistant
Feria de Jerez

FERIAAAAAAAAA…… Everyone talks about the St. Patricks day parades being amazing. But I kid you not friends I have never been in so much awe of the beauty of a place as I was for Feria de los caballos in Jerez. From the atmosphere to the lights to the food and the drinks, the dresses, the horses and the people. “La feria es la leche!” (Which translates directly to “The Fair is the milk” but I swear it’s a good thing- Top dog, #1, etc). I got to dress up in a beautiful dress and pretend I fitted in for the day. Being the “Pelirroja” (redhead) and the “Guiri” (foreigner) this was not an easy task! Needless to say the week of Flamenco, horses, beautiful men, food and drink made me fall just that extra bit in love with Jerez. I’ll be back for more Ferias’, pinky promise.

Cue… Entry of Irish friend! I had a visitor, yay me!  Michelle made me a happy woman when she allowed me to be tourist guide insted of a Language Assistant for a weekend, I got to show off my home and Andalucía’s beauty and any time with someone who can speak non broken English is always a positive! Given the weather was shocking, I don’t think I’ve seen rain like that in years, so needless to say Michelle failed to get her tan, but Cádiz, Jérez and Andalucía were all explored to the maximum! Gracias Michelle for your company and your laughter!

Language Assistant
Showing off Andalucía to Michelle

Cue the waterworks… Even thinking about these impending goodbyes makes my heart hurt a little. Whoever is responsible for placing me with such an amazing school and such a wonderful family, I am eternally grateful to you! -and also very mad as I now have to leave-. I’m going to skip all the emotional stuff and just say thank you: to my host family, to my school, to my students, to the friends I have made in Jérez and beyond, thank you is not good enough for all you’ve shown and done for me. I am forever grateful.

I can’t bring all my children to Ireland with me can I?

Jerez, te quiero, y nos vemos prontito!

Éire is calling this ginger home, Mammy put the kettle on!

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29 July, 2019

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