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Learning and Teaching in Equal Measures

During my two years as a Language Assistant, I learned as much as I taught. The phrase “you get what …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager13 March, 2019

5 Advantages of Teaching Abroad without Experience

Teaching Abroad without Experience The time leading up to the program’s initiation I was terrified about teaching abroad without experience. …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager6 February, 2019

Thinking about What to Do After College? Lessons Learnt Teaching in a Foreign Country

As a recent graduate, I was overwhelmed every time I clicked onto a job board to research what to do …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager2 May, 2018

How to Incorporate ESL Science Activities to Your Classroom – The Best Experiments!

We all know that children love hands-on activities. They love to learn through doing and playing. They also love to …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager17 April, 2018

How to Fit into Schools in Spain: 12 Tips to Blend In with Colleagues and Students

Teaching as a Language Assistant in any Spanish school necessarily requires a significant portion of your time to be spent …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager6 February, 2018

Five Things to Know when Teaching English to Secondary Students in Spain

I have now been teaching secondary school students in Spain for three months. I’m a Language Assistant, thus we are …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager9 January, 2018

Teaching ESL in Spain: A Day in the Life at Zalima

“A day in the life at Zalima” tells the story of a typical teaching- ESL-day as the native English language …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager31 October, 2017

How Being a Bad Language Learner Helped Me be a Better ESL Teacher

Before becoming a Language Assistant with Meddeas, I spent four years teaching in Philadelphia. The students I met there were …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager24 July, 2017

4 Websites that TEFL Teachers Should Use for Their ESL Lesson Plans

Teaching English is a never-ending challenge and I am constantly trying to think of fun and engaging ESL lesson plans to …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager16 May, 2017

The Perks of being a Language Assistant in Spain

2016/2017 Posted by Jessica W. Every morning, on the bus to school, I am eased into the day with a …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager21 March, 2017

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