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My #Meddeas Experience- What a Rewarding Experience!

The Language Assistant Programs: My Meddeas Experience The Language Assistant program with Meddeas has been the most rewarding experience I …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager28 May, 2020

Surviving the Spanish “Red Tape”: Documents/Processes Needed for EU Citizens Moving to Spain

I’m not going to lie. The first few months of moving to another country and settling in are always going …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager31 January, 2018

Meddeas Induction Meeting: the Best Way to Start a Teaching Experience

I can’t say that I have ever been the type of person that has ever considered induction and orientations meetings …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager12 December, 2017

What to Expect About the Application and Selection Process with Meddeas

Applying for anything is a frightening and daunting process. There are forms to fill out, interviews to do, and a …Read More

Profile PhotoMeddeas Community Manager29 November, 2017

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